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Best Free Bug Tracking Software

  1. Backlog

With this bug tracking software, your group can team up to fix bugs by logging them as issues. Issues are your central hub for discussion, dealing with, and settling each bug. They detail significant data about any changes made to your code, and they track who is working on it and when. Also, bug and issue following tools make it simple for the whole group and managers to get a high level perspective on where each bug is in your work process.

Mobile Apps

Create, comment, and update works on the go. Backlog’s iOS and Android applications are free and naturally sync with your online workspace.

IP Address Control

Take your security up a score with IP limitations. Effectively oversee who gets to your workspace and from where for better control of data.

Custom Fields

Make custom categories that fit your team’s work process like client stories, leads, occasions, and more. Use Backlog to monitor what is essential to you.

2. Monday gives a bug tracking platform to every venture. This will improve team cooperation, track bugs, and transition issues. With, tracking of bugs will be simpler as it will give you a clear overview of the various bug statuses. It will be simpler to add, update, and assign bugs.

It has features for separating and focusing on the bugs, customizing your work process, labels for distinguishing the weak points, and group communication. offers a free trial for unlimited clients.

Open ticket to report bugs and issues easily

Numerous bugs are left unreported on the grounds that current software is overly complicated for non-devs. gives those groups the certainty to open tickets without the grinding.

Keep improving with continuous reporting gives you continuous reports that show your team’s advancement against your product roadmap. This platform ability assists you with better assessment story points dependent on predicted capacity in the following sprint or iteration.

Delivery better products, faster makes cross-utilitarian teamwork simple. From pre-arranging with the product team to getting input from customer care, everybody works in one stage to promote the item forward.

3. Jira

Rapidly capture, allot and focus on bugs with Jira Software and track all parts of the software development cycle. Jira’s amazing work process engine gives an unmistakable perspective on a bug’s status, and automation keeps you aware of everything with issues transitioning from backlog to done. Jira Software is the connective tissue for your product team, giving you full visibility and control of your products’ start to finish improvement.

Scrum boards

The Agile team can remain focused on delivering iterative and increasing value, as quick as expected, with adjustable scrum boards.

Kanban sheets

Adaptable kanban boards give your team full visibility into what’s next so you can constantly deliver maximum yield in negligible cycle time.


Sketch out the big picture, discuss plans with partners, and guarantee your roadmap connects with your team’s work – all in a couple of snaps in Jira Software Cloud.

Agile reporting

Teams have access to more than a dozen out-of-the-box reports with real-time, significant experiences into how their team is performing sprint over sprint.

4. Ybug

Ybug rearranges getting visual input and bug reports from your site clients or analyzers. Give your clients/analyzers with a Feedback Widget or Browser expansion and permit them to send criticism alongside explained screen captures. Ybug consequently catches some program bug information, javascript console and other metadata. It is a very handy and useful tool for bug detection and tracking.

Visitor feedback

Even the free form has every one of the important apparatuses, has fundamental usefulness (like a few accessible dialects), and looks decent.

Best features

Superb evaluating, Great outsider mixes, A responsive group

Chrome Extension

It has a pleasant Chrome expansion, which permits catching screen captures on any site and tag to any project that you are presently chipping away at.

5. Mentis

Free and publicly released, MantisBT is a Project Management and Bug Tracking apparatus that permits improvement groups the adaptability to alter their issue tickets and work process measures. Any organization that depends on a concentrated framework to monitor programming/Web webpage bugs uses it. This framework can be utilized by any degree of business from SMBs to enormous undertakings. It is a full-highlighted bug-global positioning framework that monitors bugs, however incorporates a client framework so various clients can connect and different ventures can be followed.

User experience gets better

Mechanization of bug administrations and useful stages including enlistment, preparing and representative controlling


Written in PHP, this bug tracking program is composed under GNU convention.

Additional features

Audit trails and issue management makes it handy, supportive and easy to use

6. Redmine

Super-charge your efficiency and keep everybody on top of it with Redmine by Planio! Redmine is the #1 decision in bug Tracking Software for many thousands organizations around the world. Grant winning and reliably appraised 5 stars for its usability and client service, Redmine by Planio will help your group transport projects reliably on schedule and on spending plan.

Timeline/Gantt view

Helps in issue management while keeping a track of the time and process workflow easily.

Collaboration tools

Bug tracking, issue management, kanban board, status tracking along with customizable task management

7. Bugnet

BugNET is an open source issue following and task the executives application, allowed to download and utilize. It is utilized to follow bugs and handle issues effectively for all shapes and sizes of projects. Capacity to allocate a cutoff time to an issue and surrender a period gauge front. Using bugnet, customers and clients can submit issues through email, upload screen captures or connections, custom fields permit the catch of client characterized information, omments, connections, issue connecting, warnings, time following and issue history permit exhaustive issue following and many more features.

Issue following

BugNET’s web interface simplifies it to record, oversee, and report bugs.

Venture following

Project rundown shows an “initially” outline of the project and Subversion (SVN) and Mercurial (HG) source control connecting to issues.

BugNET Pro

Extra highlights including a Wiki and reports.

8. Axosoft

Scrum programming with project arranging, help work area, and deft bug and episode following. Advancement groups can easily deal with their item accumulations, plan deliveries, and investigate their burndown speed. Plan runs simpler with the Axosoft Release Planner, imagining progress with Card View, and delivery on schedule. Transform messages into help tickets, construct limitless Wiki pages for experiments and documentation, and make a custom entryway for your clients to alter and add tickets.

Agile integration

Axosoft provides competitive interactions, management and real time bug tracking features

More features

Customizable client portal, daily reports and workflow management makes it an easy going experience for users

Asana is a far off work device that assists groups with coordinating their work, from day by day undertakings to vital drives. With Asana, you can interface all your work in one place and unite groups, anyplace. From records to sheets, to schedules and gantt outlines, bug tracking, coordinate work in your direction. Join in a huge number of groups across nations who use Asana to complete more.

Collaborations made easy

The capacity to work together with associates on assignments is likewise an extraordinary method of monitoring progress and advising all individuals from progress.


It is efficient programming which lets us have a fantastic hold on our continuous activities. I truly like the manner in which it is improving its highlights and capacities in its updates.

So that was an extensive, hand picked and well researched list we compiled for people looking for easy to use bug trackers for their projects. Try your hands and let us know which all do the trick for you! Read more software recommendations on

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