Last updated on December 11th, 2021

Connected to Wi-Fi But Internet Not Working

Fixed the Issue – Connected to wi-fi but internet not working

The World Wide Web is extraordinary yet just as long as you can associate with it. Web network issues can occur occasionally and there are various explanations for this.

In case you’re utilizing a remote association, you may get the ‘WiFi Connected – No Internet’ error message some time. This implies your PC is associated with the modem or switch however not to the web. To fix this issue, you need to see if just a single gadget is influenced or the entire organization. This will decide the best answer for attempting to fix it.

The ‘WiFi Connected however No Internet’ error will show as a dark interjection mark in a little yellow admonition triangle on a Windows PC.

It will show as a dark interjection blemish on a cell phone. This implies the gadget is associated with the modem or switch however something is hindering web access.

These are some potential causes:

  • The DNS worker settings are wrongly designed.
  • The PC’s WiFi connector is faulty.
  • The network access supplier is down.
  • Your security programming (antivirus) is forestalling web access
  • The remote drivers may be outdated and many more such possible causes

Your first step can be trying the Network Troubleshooter on your computer.

It’s conceivable the Windows Network Troubleshooter could possibly settle the issue promptly, so it’s a decent fix to attempt first: Type “Settings” in the hunt bar on your PC. Click on “Organization and Internet” and then on “Status” in the left-hand side menu and select “Organization Troubleshooter”.

Run it to check whether it settles the connection issue for good or not.

Specialized errors or a noxious code can ruin the DNS reserve. This will bring about an IP address confusion which implies you can’t get online regardless of whether you have WiFi accessible. This is the means by which to flush the DNS:

Type Command Prompt in the hunt bar and right-click on it. Run it as the administrator. 

Type in these orders, squeezing Enter after each:




Now, close the Command Prompt and test the web association. It may very well be disappointing when you can’t get to the web, however it is reasonable one of the above arrangements will address your association issue so you can get online once more.

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