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Godaddy vs Hostgator – Reliability, Speed, Functionality and Winner

Godaddy vs HostgatorA Deep Comparision

Godaddy and Hostgator are two of the most prominent web hosting services that are going strong in the industry. Both the web hosts provide a remarkable set of features with great  services. Henceforth, it becomes difficult to differentiate them sometimes.

People tend to get confused between Hostgator and Godaddy. It becomes difficult for them to choose the better service provider. That is where we step in to help you out and choose the right one for you.

Although the features and prices of both services are comparable, they are famous just for different things. Both the web hosts have their own benefits and offer unique experiences. Let us dive deep into the difference between Godaddy and Hostgator.

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Setting Up The Comparison

Godaddy and Hostgator are two giants in the market that offer numerous facilities to the users in their own aura. While Godaddy is the leading registrar of domain names, Hostgator is one of the leading web hosting provider with a variety of options available.

To have detailed information about both the web hosts and what they have to offer, we have compared both the web hosts for you. We have majorly discussed the features, speed, pricing and the support quality of both the web hosts. To save your time from reading, you can directly jump to the verdict part at the end of the article.


Comparing web hosting services primarily include scaling them on the three major factors, namely, speed, response time, and uptime. Talking in the layperson language, you can make your idea by comparing Hostgator and Godaddy on these factors.


Speed is an important factor while considering which web hosting service to use. To perform a healthy speed comparison between the both, we hosted two websites with the same theme and plan on the website to examine the loading time. The website on Hostgator was significantly faster than that of the Godaddy.

Server Response Time

Server response time or SRT is the amount of time it takes for the web browser to receive a response. SRT is something that ensures the credibility of the website. During our comparison, we tested the response time for both the websites. In our analysis, we found that the website hosted on Hostgator has low and steady response time compared to the one on Godaddy.


Both the web hosting provider guarantee 99.99% uptime on their respective websites. But who of them actually stand on their words. We checked if any of the websites offer the said uptime to the users or just a gimmick.

During our test which went for several days, Hostgator delivered 99.99% uptime, and Godaddy disappointed a little with less than 99% uptime.



Godaddy is a warehouse of features to offer the users. Be it a variety of affordable hosting services or intuitive features, Godaddy does not disappoint at all. Let us look at what features Godaddy has to offer.

It is a remarkable platform for searching and buying domains. You can select from a wide (literally wide) variety of domains and extensions from Godaddy website. Moreover, you can also get a free domain depending on its availability.

Godaddy pays great attention to the security of the website. Godaddy provides SSL certificates to make your website safer. The certificate includes a green lock to your website to make everything look secure. Apart from the green lock, it also ensures that the data is going to and from your website is encrypted.

Godaddy offers a remarkable website builder to assist the users to build interactive websites. The feature is called GoCentral. A great tool to develop web and mobile websites. The tool is useful for amateur people who desire intuitive websites without making much efforts.


Hostgator is no less than Godaddy when it comes to offering functionality to the users. It offers a long list of features and even surpasses Godaddy in some situations.

Buying domain is extremely easy in Hostgator, so is building the website using its exceptional built-in marketplace. With a range of free and paid applications, you can add interactive elements to the website.

It is always essential to monitor the website to avoid unwanted damages. Considering this factor, Hostgator offers a service called CodeGuard. It is an intuitive service to monitor, backup, and restore the website at any given point of time. Moreover, it also notifies the users when there is any modification on the website.

Another feature provided by Hostgator called as Sitelock that caters to the security needs of the user’s website. It provides complete online protection to your website from the virus, cyber hackers, and spams.

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Godaddy offers arguably the easiest to use website and interface for the users. Everything has its own place and position. Even the first time users can easily navigate through the website.

Right from selecting a domain name to choose the right hosting plan for your website, everything seems butter smooth. Godaddy also displays suggested domain names with all the available extensions at affordable prices.

Although Godaddy lacks the variety of options offered by Hostgator, everything is streamlined and feels intuitive. It is also worth mentioning here that Godaddy does not offer cPanel on its plans apart from the Business trim. Instead, it offers a control panel to manage basic setting such as DNS setting, domain settings, and resource usage.


Hostgator is amongst the best web hosting provider that offers a neat interface with intuitive functionality. The web host follows a theme of large icons and clear information facilitating the customers. Although it does some extra screen space, you get all the information you need in a couple of seconds.

Hostgator offers a cPanel to manage all the setting of your website. It helps you to control all the aspects of your website without getting too much involved in searching. You also get a search bar through which you find your required functionality in Hostgator.

Apart from the above, you also the marketplace integrated with cPanel to enhance your usability. You can quickly guide yourself through a plethora of plugins and themes for your website.    

Apart from most of the easy to use services, customer support design leaves a lot to be desired. The design of the page can be improved according to the latest trends. It will not only make the website up-to-date but will also enhance the user experience.


The prices of the web hosting services make a huge difference regarding the choice. No matter what functionality the hosting provider offer, if the prices of the plans are high, there is less chance of users opting for it. Here we have listed the prices of each host providers so to let compare the rates. Numbers will speak more than the words.


  1. Shared Hosting Plan – Rs.99 per month to Rs.499 per month
  2. Business Hosting Plan – Rs.1159 per month
  3. WordPress Hosting Plan – Rs.99 per month to Rs.959 per month
  4. VPS Hosting Plan – Rs.1199 per month
  5. Dedicated Hosting Plan – Rs.4719 per month


  1. Shared Hosting Plan – Rs.99 per month to Rs.349 per month
  2. Cloud Hosting Plan – Rs.475 per month
  3. Reseller Hosting Plan – Rs.1019 per month
  4. WordPress Hosting Plan – Rs.249 month to Rs.499 per month
  5. VPS Hosting Plan – Rs.1495 per month
  6. Dedicated Hosting Plan – Rs.6830 per month

As you can clearly see, the prices of Godaddy are highly competitive when compared to that of Hostgator. Although the plans offer almost the same benefits, Hostgator charges a little extra from the users. It is worth mentioning here that the renewal cost of Godaddy is comparatively higher which makes the pricing almost equal for both the web hosts.

However, Hostgator offers a wide range of plans to cater to the wider needs of users. Regarding the overall prices, you can go for with either of the web hosting services. The hosting plans are cheaper at Godaddy to save you a few bucks. Hostgator offers a wide range of plans that start from Rs 99 per month.

Customer Support

Both the platforms stand on the same platform when it comes to customer support. Let us take a detailed look at what the web hosts have to offer.


With a wide range of articles and tutorials and 24×7 call option, Godaddy offers great customer support. It easy to reach the customer representatives to sort out problems regarding features and pricing quickly.

You also get a chat option that is again available for all day although, for the weekends, there is a time limit. Talking about the service, the representatives were quite humble while answering our bizarre questions.  


Hostgator offers plenty of content to help the users understand the features and functionality of the web host. The tutorials are well versed and cover a wide range of topics. The articles are presented in points and supported with screenshots to make more effective.

Where Hostgator lacks is the intuitiveness and design of the website. It looks old and less interactive when compared to the websites of rivalries. However, the service offered by Hostgator is remarkable with chat, mail, and call option.   


The comparison was close. Both offer almost the same features, similar functionality at almost equal prices. However, the real difference comes with extra features and real-time functionality. If you have read the complete review, you might have made up your mind now. If not, here is the part you were desperately waiting for.

Winner – Hostgator

We chose Hostgator due to the fact that it delivers what it is made for, web hosting services. Although Godaddy is the most popular and most of us prefer the latter when it comes to buy domains and start a website, our choice is a bit controversial.

Hostgator offers a wide range of web hosting plans that start from Rs.99 per month. With so many plans, Hostgator also delivers 99.99% uptime with great response time. It is a fact that Hostgator lacks in various elements, but it’s a rare chance you will go wrong with Hostgator.

What do you think? Share your opinion in our comment section below. Your opinion might change our conclusion.

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