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Hostgator Review – Features , Servers, Pricing and Winner

Hostgator is one of the biggest and popular hosting platforms in the world. It offers shared, dedicated, VPS, and managed WordPress hosting plans at affordable prices. Specializing in providing hosting for individuals and small-scale businesses, Hostgator is amongst the viable options out there.

Hostgator was founded in the year 2002 with headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA. As of 2013, the web host serves over 9 million domains and has over 400,000 active customers. They promise 99.9% uptime when it comes to hosting websites and customers have been satisfied by the promise.

To know more about the web host, let us discuss everything about Hostgator and what functionalities it has to offer to the users. Moreover, you can read our verdict at the end of the article when we answer the question if you should go for Hostgator or not.

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Being one of the most reliable web hosts out there, Hostgator provides a number of services with a long list of web hosting services. Learn every feature by Hostgator in detail in the respective heads.

Built-In Marketplace

Hostgator offers a rich built-in marketplace which includes a wide range of free and paid apps for building the website. These apps add certain elements and features to the website to make it more interactive and personalized.

It also allows users to migrate their website from other web hosts to Hostgator. You can simply order hosting and request for migration, Hostgator will do the rest.


Purchasing domain is extremely easy on Hostgator. You can just type the desired the domain and purchase it as per the availability. You can choose from a wide range of domain extensions including .com, .in, .net, .biz, and much more. Hostgator offers two email IDs with every domain you register.

Apart from buying a domain, you can also transfer your domain name at Rs 999 through Transfer Domain feature offered by Hostgator.


CodeGuard is a remarkable feature offered by Hostgator that allows you to monitor, backup, and restore your website at any point of time. CodeGuard regularly captures your live website and store every instance as a unique version in the repository. Moreover, it also notifies you when any modification occurs on your website.


Sitelock provides complete online protection to your website from virus, cyber hackers, and spams. It analyzes every page of the website (depending on your plan, 2500 is max.) and identifies any security gaps. It not only identifies and notify you about the security issues but also removes them for your convenience.

G Suite and Business Email

Hostgator provides complete G Suite that includes professional or business email, vast online storage, shared calendars, and video meetings. That is what all you need to run your business online. It gives you the freedom to work anywhere and anytime from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Moreover, you can also buy business emails to look more professional to the customers. Business email lite is easy to manage and can be accessed from any device.

All the features that are mentioned above are paid and come with a variety of plan ranging from the cheap ones to the most expensive business plans. You can visit the Hostgator website to check the respective price plans.

Server Types

Hostgator offers a wide variety of hosting to cater the needs of customers. Have a look at them below. It features everything from dirt-cheap shared plans to stacked, dedicated ones, with everything in between.

Web Hosting

As every other web hosts out there, Hostgator offers web hosting on a shared basis. Although the prices are dirt cheap due to the high volume, it also affects the performance of the servers as well. The servers offer decent speed and uptime to the users. Hostgator offers web hosting on three different menus:

  1. Linux Shared Hosting
  2. Windows Shared Hosting
  3. Open Source Shared Hosting

All the plans listed above offer unlimited disk space and transfer (top priced). The prices are reasonable, and it becomes highly affordable to build a website.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is amongst the best and affordable plan offered by Hostgator. The server provides 2x faster load time backed by premium hardware, low-density servers, and multiple caching layers. It also ensures uptime when your website witnesses high traffic and demands resources.

WordPress Hosting

Another affordable web hosting plan that offers WordPress installation and allows users to access unlimited tools and plugins. These plugins and tools allow you to build your website in a matter of hours without making many efforts. It checks that your website remains up to date with all security patches and version upgrades.

Reseller Hosting

If you wish to make more money from your hosting plan, Hostgator offers reseller plans at affordable prices. The plans are available for Linux reseller hosting and Windows reseller hosting. With the hosting plan, you can enjoy 160GB disk space coupled with 1200GB bandwidth (max. amounts). Plus, you will also get free WHMCS panel and cPanel for your website.

VPS Hosting

Hostgator offers VPS hosting with cPanel and Plesk panel that is suitable for the websites with frequent traffic spikes. Although the plan is on the pricier side, it offers great resources to run your website when it requires the most. The most expensive plan offers four core CPU and 8GB of Ram coupled with 240GB of disk space.

Dedicated Hosting

The most expensive hosting plan offered by Hostgator, the dedicated plan offers Intel E3-1265LV2 with two free IPs. You can enjoy full root access and maximum flexibility to start, stop, and rebuild the server. It also offers multiple security of network security to facilitate the users.


Pricing is one such factor of Hostgator that provides an upper hand compared to its competitors. The prices of various hosting plans are extremely reasonable. The web hosting starts from mere Rs.99 which is certainly the most competitive plan out there. Here is the list of prices of the most popular web hosting plans. You can have a detailed view of what Hostgator offers in their plan in our server type section.

Shared Hosting Plan

  1. Starter Plan – Rs.99 per month
  2. Hatchling Plan – Rs.199 per month
  3. Baby Plan – Rs.249 per month
  4. Business Plan – Rs.399 per month

WordPress Hosting Plan

  1. Starter Plan – Rs.249 per month
  2. Performance Plan – Rs.299 per month
  3. Business Plan – Rs.399 per month
  4. Professional Plan – Rs.499 per month

VPS Hosting Plan

  1. Snappy 2000 – Rs.1495 per month
  2. Snappy 4000 – Rs.3395 per month
  3. Snappy 6000 – Rs.4595 per month
  4. Snappy 8000 – Rs.5795 per month

Dedicated Hosting Plan

  1. Basic Plan – Rs.6830 per month
  2. Standard Plan – Rs.7655 per month
  3. Elite Plan – Rs.9415 per month
  4. Pro Plan – Rs.11585 per month

Easy To Use

Using Hostgator is one of the simplest experiences you can have with a web hosting company. Every service offered by the company to the users is easy to obtain and understand. The website design is so intuitive that you always find the information you are looking for in a minute. All in all, it strikes a perfect balance with minimalistic design and detailing about every feature.

As you go through the website, you will also find every single detail mentioned on the pricing page of hosting plans, allowing you to check your suitability and what you are going to buy.

Navigating their front-end site and control panel is extremely simple even for a layperson. Some of the useful features of cPanel include an informative sidebar, different plugins like SEO audit and other site essentials. All the features come handy for the users and present in a simplistic layout.

Furthermore, even if you have any problem regarding the features and usability, you can always reach to the 24×7 support to seek help regarding the software.

Customer Support

Customer service is just another aspect in which Hostgator excels. It offers the best in class customer support to the users. By support, it means all sorts of services including video tutorials, articles, and forum to help the users throughout the website. The content present over the websites is easy to understand and captures a wide range of topic.

Moreover, Hostgator has left no stone unturned by providing mail, live chat and call support to help the users. We had a chance to have a chat with the representatives regarding an issue. Throughout the chat, he was prompt and helpful.  

All the support information present on the website is extremely helpful although the data seems somewhat dated. However, that does not mean Hostgator lacks anywhere in the segment. It’s still better than most of the other web hosts customer services out there.

Should You Go For Hostgator?

With competitive pricing, a variety of features and a long list of hosting services, Hostgator checks all the right boxes for the users. The UI of the web host especially its cPanel is intuitive, and even a newbie can get used to it in a couple of days.

Although most of the regular features are available, the price of dedicated servers is certainly on the higher side. However, the shared and WordPress hosting plans are extremely affordable and suitable for the people who do not want to spend a big amount on their web hosting services.

So, to answer the question, Yes; you should go for Hostgator if you are looking for a feature-rich, secured, and affordable web hosting for your website. Hostgator offers a wide variety of hosting services to facilitate every sort of users.

Also, let us know your thoughts on Hostgator in our comment section below.

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