Last updated on May 3rd, 2022

How to install Google Chrome on Windows 11

How to install Google Chrome on Windows 11 from the browser as well as the programmer’s way (from the terminal)

Microsoft whenever makes any new version of the popular operating system, Windows it always takes care of it being fully-fledged in every manner so that the users can get their work done. When it comes to accessing the internet, Microsoft has the Legendary “Internet Explorer” turned into the “Microsoft Edge” browser. Still, many of the users don’t seem to use them as their default browser. It was in 2008 Google Chrome probably became the most popular and user favorite browser.

Let’s find out how to bring it on Windows 11

Windows 11 is being tried by numerous users around the world by now and many of them might be interested in installing the chrome browser on their systems. So, here we will discuss two methods for doing that.

Method 1 – Browser from Browser

Well, Windows 11 has a pre-installed browser named Edge we will use it to get the job completed.

Open the Edge browser, navigate to the search bar and type ‘download google chrome’ or simply follow this URL, Google Chrome – Download the Fast, Secure Browser from Google

When opened you’d see something like this,

Simply click on Download Chrome and your download should start automatically, but if that doesn’t happen, you would see a link saying click to download it manually, click on that.

You would have by now downloaded the setup of google chrome and now just like any other plain and regular installation you have to double click the setup icon and the installation process will start automatically.

And that is it, you have installed chrome on your Windows 11 PC.

Method 2 – From the Terminal

If you want to go classy and just install the chrome browser within just two steps the next things are for you to follow,

Open the Run dialog box by pressing ‘Windows key’ along with ‘R’ and then type ‘cmd’ and then press enter,

There will be opened a command line window, type ‘powershell’ in it.

And then copy and paste the following command $Path = $env:TEMP; $Installer = “chrome_installer.exe”; Invoke-WebRequest “” -OutFile $Path\$Installer; Start-Process -FilePath $Path\$Installer -Args “/silent /install” -Verb RunAs -Wait; Remove-Item $Path\$Installer

And then press enter and chrome would get installed on your pc within a few minutes.

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