Last updated on December 11th, 2021

How to Track and Find Lost Android Phone

Losing your phone can be a traumatic experience. Our dependence and reliance on our phone nowadays make them one of our most personal devices as they store most of our personal and professional valuable information. If your android smartphone is also lost or stolen, don’t panic! Android devices offer plenty of features through which you can track your phone’s locations provided some prerequisites are fulfilled.

Some popular ways available to recover lost phones are tracking it through bluetooth tracker, using smart home speakers or using Find devices apps on certain manufacturers such as Samsung devices.

In this article, we’ll look at an easy way to track, detect or erase data from your lost phone. Any android device can be located using the Find my Device app by Google. This app has inbuilt google support and can help you find, lock or erase your device remotely. However, there are a few perquisites for this app to locate your phone accurately – such as the android device must be switched on and have a Google account signed in. The device must also be connected to the internet or the app will not be able to locate your device offline. Further your phone’s location/ GPS as well as the Find my device feature in settings must be turned on at all times

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You’ll have to install Find my device app on your phone and configure your google account in it before getting started. If the above mentioned requirements are fulfilled by your device, wait no further and follow the given steps to recover your device.

Step 1: Go to and sign in with your Google account and password. Make sure you use the same account that is signed in your lost device.

Step 2: You’ll see a map indicating your phone’s approximate location area. If the current location is not available, it will show you the last recorded time and location of your device.

Here, you will get 3 options to configure your lost device.

  1. Play sound

You can make your phone ring at loudest sound for a particular duration, even if it’s silent, and this can help you track your phone through noise. The noise can help passersby as well to locate and contact you for your device. When done, tap the stop sound button to stop.

  1. Secure device

You can lock your device remotely by setting up a pin or password. This will help secure your device from any unwanted interruption or capture. You can add an emergency message, leave an alternate phone number, as well so that whoever locates your device can see your message and can contact you as soon as possible.

  1. Erase device

If you feel you have no chance locating devices and want to secure your data from getting in hands of any stranger. You can use the erase device feature to remove all your data from the device and thus securing it from falling into wrong hands. Tap the Erase device button and read all the instructions carefully. You can check all the security steps and can also click Dismiss if you change your mind.

Through these simple steps we hope you get help to recover your android device.