Last updated on December 11th, 2021

Windows 11 has Packed its Bags and is Arriving, with a one-month-long journey, on October 5!

Windows 11 has packed its bags and is arriving, with a one-month-long journey, on October 5!

Hey there folks! How are you doing? Yes, you read it right, in no more time than a month-long Windows 11 will be officially and freely available on your current Windows 10 PC which meets all the hardware requirements with those of Windows 11. And more exciting thing is that from October 5, 2021, also the brand-new PCs and laptops will become available for purchase. How cool is that Man! This really is a big deal like from the 29th of July 2015(Windows 10 launch date) the PCs and laptops would only have Windows 10 pre-installed, not all😑😂, but most of them, yeah!

And now we would not be wrong holding this year as the beginning of a Micro-Era where hard drives and solid-state drives will come with Windows 11 etched on them. 

The news was confirmed by Windows on Twitter, 

So, the deal is simple, the PCs which are suitable for receiving the update will get a notification in the Windows Update Settings, and then like any other regular update the users can switch to Windows 11. Other than that, Microsoft aims to get all of the devices, which can run Windows 11, the new OS Windows 11. 

Now, if you are planning to buy a new PC this year, you would want to have look at some laptops from leading companies like Dell, Asus, Acer, Lenovo because Microsoft has taken care of all of the things regarding new machines meeting with the new Windows 11 distribution. Acer Swift-5, Acer Swift X, Asus Zenbook, Asus Zenbook 14, Dell XPS, Dell Alienware, Lenovo Yoga convertible and Slim 7i series, Microsoft’s Surface Pro, and Samsung Galaxy Book Pro are some of the PCs which will officially come with Windows 11 pre-installed. 

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