Last updated on December 11th, 2021

Windows 11 vs Windows 10

Windows 11 Vs Windows 10. Is There a Need To Upgrade? Let’s Find Out!

Generations change and so is with technology. Microsoft is launching Windows 11 later this year for personal and professional users. There is always a tendency to shift into the latest up-gradation and thus users are now thinking if there is a need to shift to Windows 11 from Windows 10? What makes Windows 11 better and different from its previous version. We will find out the comparison in this article.

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In this parameter, both Windows are quite different from each other. , more importantly, there are some under-the-hood changes that bring a major difference in both versions.

First, let’s talk about the up-gradation feature. Just like Windows 10, you can upgrade your Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free. It is the same for windows 10 as well. That upgrade only applies as long as your PC passes the tests in Microsoft’s PC Health Check app — which is already causing a fair share of controversy, especially in regard to the TPM 2.0 requirement.

Let me tell you before going further, Windows 11 is still available as a beta version. Currently, it is given through Windows insider program to check the bugs and errors. Thus, I recommend you wait for the final release of Windows 11. Though you can stay at Windows 11 as well. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 will work till 2025. But the company hasn’t announced the number of updates for Windows 10. Otherwise, you can opt for Windows 11 which will likely get released at the end of 2021.

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Start Menu And Taskbar

This is considered as the major visual difference between both versions of Windows. In Windows 11, the start menu and the taskbar are shifted to the center. It gives you a look at MacOS and AndroidOS. However, you can align it back to the left like in Windows 10. 

If we look at the start menu in Win 11, there is a static list of the apps which is followed by the most frequented documents on the bottom of it. Well, Windows 11 has dropped out the concept of live tiles. For a glance, Windows 10 is best. 

Let’s move to the taskbar. In windows 11, Microsoft has removed the search box and has merged it with an icon. You will also not get Cortana pre-installed in Windows 11. The floating design and the layout are quite similar to that of Windows 10. You can’t change the position of the taskbar in Windows 11. 

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The most annoying Problem of Windows 10 is finally addressed! 

In the field of external monitors, Microsoft has brought a major change. Now, Windows 11 will remember how you had on your windows. It will save them till you plug the monitor again after disconnection. In windows 10, you don’t have this option. Thus, Win 11 has solved a major issue of Win 10.

There is an exclusive feature of multi-tasking in Win 11. Now you can work on multiple layouts with the help of Snap layouts. It helps in grouping the layouts and then saves layouts to the taskbar. This feature will never be available in Windows 10.

Tablet Mode

It seems that Microsoft is copying MacOS a bit. In Windows 10, there is a traditional model that converts the PC into full-screen tablet mode with a start menu experience. Microsoft has removed this feature in Windows 11.

Instead of this, Windows 11 will behave more like an iPad. After converting your device to tablet mode, you can use it by touching like an iPad. It will behave like a touch device that is easy to handle. Moreover, Microsoft has brought opening and closing gestures, switching between desktops gestures, and a very new option in the Windows Ink Workspace. These features were not provided in Windows 10. So, it is totally new to this version. 

Microsoft Store

The store is almost the same in both versions. But there is a change in windows 11. The Microsoft Store in Win 11 will take assistance from the Amazon App Store for Android apps. Actually, Win 11 depends on the Subsystem for Android. 

Other Differences

Now we have looked at various differences throughout our article. But there are some key changes which are needed to be looked at. In Win 11, a user won’t be able to sync the desktop wallpapers, internet explorer. The math input panel has been removed. Along with Cortana, some apps have been removed too, they are Skype, Paint 3D, OneNote for Win 10, and 3D viewer. Though you can download it from the store. 

For a gamer, Microsoft has thought of something new. Win 11 has announced various features especially for the gamers like Auto HDR. This feature will make your games look more vibrant. Another feature is direct storage. It helps in enhancing the loading speed of the game directly from the graphic card. 

Just like MacOS, Windows 11 will get an update once every year. These were the brief differences between the two versions of Microsoft. 

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