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Wix vs Weebly – Functionality, Usability, Practicality, Pricing and Winner

Wix and Weebly are two of the most famous and feature-rich website builders in the market. They boast a long list of intuitive features such great user-interface, drag and drop editor, pre-designed templates and much more. We will discuss every aspect later in the article.

In our detailed comparison, we are going to pit Wix and Weebly for a side-by-side comparison. Apart from the features, we will also discuss the price list to help you make up your mind. To have a detailed look at both the software, you can read our separate reviews on Wix and Weebly by following the links.

Setting up the Comparison

Honestly, you cannot go wrong with any of the web builders. It should be an interesting comparison as it would be extremely tough to find a clear winner. Although the difference is likely to be by a slight margin, we will try our best to find the best one for you.

During the comparison, we’re going to compare Wix and Weebly using five criteria, namely, usability, functionality, practicality, pricing, and support. We will also support our comparison with our detailed verdict of each of the builders.

If you want to skip the details, you can read our final verdict at the end of the article. It will help you make your choice quickly.



Wix is one of those web builders that might score a ten on ten when it comes to features and core functionality. It brings so much to the table; you cannot demand more.

Wix Editor lets you choose from over 500 designer-made web templates or build your website from scratch. After the recent updates, the editor has become more practical, user-friendly and appealing. The editor also offers an intuitive drag and drop functionality which allows you to create websites without writing a single line of code.

The dashboard offered by Wix is convenient to use and provides a host of features to play with. Being a user, you can play with a lot of stuff in the editor. You can add various elements like photos videos, sliders, content, video background, etc. While adding the elements is easy, you do get some basic facilities to edit them as well.


Weebly holds a really long list of features which makes it comparable with Wix. Although it can trade blow with Wix well, the app store offered in Weebly is not that rich when it compares to its counterpart. You might find a hard time to mind that right tool for you.

Working on the lines of Wix, the software provides a drag and drop editor, facilitating the users who do not have any knowledge about HTML or CSS. It allows users to build feature-rich and interactive websites without any technical skills. Adding text, graphic elements, sliders, elements is extremely easy with Weebly.



Wix is one of the easiest builders out there. Although the software is a bit complex, you can easily get used to it in a couple of hours. We called it complex due to a certain reason which is defined below.

Wix has a wide range of templates which come with their own set of elements and buttons. Many of the buttons might have subcategories which will depend on the choice of template. It is also easy to put the elements in the alignment as Wix uses alignment lines for ease of use.

Moreover, there is no backend option like WordPress, whatever changes you make to the website will appear in real time.


Weebly offers an easy to use interface with a streamlined editor which makes it simpler to make websites. Although it might take some time to get used to it, the drag and drop experience makes performing tasks easier.

Making the life easier, Weebly has put every element in the left side of the screen. The users can drag the choice of element and drop it onto your page. Weebly also uses markers to show the actual place the element will land on your page.

Comparing to Wix, you don’t get AI integration in design which is a plus point for the former software. Apart from some automation tools and limited controls, there is nothing you make a difference between the two.



With Wix, the level of flexibility and control is extremely high. It gives a lot of advanced controls over their elements with unique styling options. It clearly shows that a lot of thought has been put while creating the software.

The tools at your disposal are quite useful. The software also comes with great editing options right from adjusting fonts, media to dynamic elements. Enhancing the practicality of the software is the availability of vector art gallery which is certainly a plus point.

Wix is one of the best tools in the market and can be used to make blogs, eCommerce websites, forums and much more.


Weebly comes with an extremely practical interface with drag and drops mechanism making it amongst the easiest platform to build websites. However, the benefits come with some limitations too.

With Weebly, you don’t get the widest range of templates and tools in the app store. You might face a hard time finding a tool that fulfills your needs. But it doesn’t mean that the software is bad in any sense. It gets the job done with ease.

The platform creates an impression of a powerful and intuitive platform to create professional looking and feature-rich websites.



Wix offers a free plan Wix brand domain. However, if you want to make it more customized with a custom domain, here are the plans Wix offers to serve the customers.

-Connect Domain | Price – $9 Per Month

-Combo Plan | Price – $14 Per Month

-Unlimited Plan | Price – $20 Per Month

-ECommerce Plan | Price – $26 Per Month


Weebly provides a total of five extensive plans including the free one which offers a basic set of features. One thing to mention here, Weebly differentiates its pricing plan in two different tabs:

  • For website
  • For online stores

For website

-Connect Plan | Price – $4 Per Month

-Starter Plan | Price – $8 Per Month

-Pro Plan | Price – $12 Per Month

-Business Plan | Price – $25 Per Month

For Online Stores

Unfortunately, there is no free plan for online stores.

-Starter Plan | Price – $8 Per Month

-Pro Plan | Price – $12 Per Month

-Business Plan | Price – $25 Per Month

-Performance Plan | Price – $38 Per Month

Customer Support


Wix uses a separate help center to provide customer support. It offers a plethora of tutorials and explanatory articles covering topics from how to use the platform to the most advanced tools. The articles cover as many as 34 topics to solve the problems.

You can just type your query in the search box to find the suitable article. The tutorials come with step-by-step instructions which are easy to understand.

If you further seek assistance using the platform, you can avail the direct support offered by Wix. However, finding the contact form could be frustrating. You might need to go through a frustrating process to find it.


Weebly support structure is almost on the lines of Wix. It uses a help center at the core for solving most of the issues. There are a number of articles which are well written and supported by screenshots covering a wide range of topics.

Similar to Wix, there is a search bar if you want to type your query. The articles are cleverly divided into six topics, making it easier for users to find suitable tutorials.

However, Weebly provides a direct way for the users to avail the contact support with more contacting options.

The Verdict

Weebly and Wix are two of the strongest contender for the highest rated website builders. It is not hard to guess that the comparison is extremely close.

Before moving to the verdict, we must say that both are sophisticated website builders with a host of features. You cannot go wrong no matter what you may pick.

Winner – Wix

When both the software put together, we choose Wix as the winner even though with a slight margin. It offers a great set of features with easy to use interface and AI integration. Although Weebly is a cheaper option and offers good customer support, Wix comes ahead in the race due to its usability and design practicality.

Have you used any of the software to build your website? Share your thoughts with us and let us know which one you like and why. We would love to read your comments.

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