Last updated on December 11th, 2021

Now You Can Delete Your Last 15 Minutes Of Search History On Google. Here’s How You Can!

Here is good news for those who are looking for an easy way of deleting their search history. There is an easy and fast way to do it on Google. The company earlier announced its new privacy policy of deleting the last 15 minutes browsing history and the policy is rolling out now. This feature will erase the search history of the last 15 minutes on the mobile devices. 

Earlier in 2021, Google announced some safety and privacy measures along with the ‘quick delete’ option which clears the search history of the last 15 minutes in an easy and fast way. The company gave clarified the reasons behind bringing the policy that it was one of the most demanding features by the users. 

Well, before android users start smiling there is bad news for them. This feature by Google

is currently available on IOS devices only. But wait! don’t be upset. The company has assured that the feature will be available on android devices soon. Google is working to bring the feature to the android platform later this year. 

If you are an IOS user, this is how now the feature looks like,         

You need to be signed in with a google account to use this feature. Users can avail of this feature by simply clicking on the option written with ‘Delete last 15 minutes. The option will be written with ‘new’ on the right side.

This feature is only available on mobile devices. If you are on a desktop, the settings and features are the same. You have to delete the search history either manually one by one or through activity controls for one month, three months, and six months. You can choose the option according to your need.

Though it is a matter of concern for many users that Google monitors their search history and many consider it a breach of privacy. Google has clarified that the company only keeps a track of user’s search activity as a way to make their experience better and personalize them. It is available when the setting ‘Web and App Activity is enabled.

Now, why users are demanding such kinds of features. Here is the answer. Earlier it was difficult to delete the browsing history. Users have to delete the whole search history which results in the loss of many important enrollments in many important sites. They were signed out of many sites. Thus, Google has brought us an easier and quicker way to delete history. This is a relief for many users who can now delete the history without thinking about results.

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