Posted on July 31st, 2021

Microsoft Security Researchers Issue New Windows 11 Warning

Security Researchers Issue New Windows 11 Warning

Great News from the Microsoft. The company has officially announced the Windows 11 beta version for users for the first time. Earlier it was available for the buggy developer for the testing operations. Not that this has prevented it from being an incredibly popular download: Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, has said that more people have downloaded our early builds than any other Windows release or update in the history of our insider program.

This is really strange and funny at the same time. 

The launch of the beta version has popularized Windows 11 among users across the world. But the excitement has brought some major security issues in the pre-launched beta version. the latest Windows operating system release has prompted security researchers at Kaspersky to issue a vital security warning.

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There are many users which are using Windows 11 without signing in to the Microsoft account. They have either downloaded the system from the dark web or sites like torrent. This tells us a fact that not everyone who is downloading Windows 11 taking an official route. While there’s nothing new in such sites being distribution channels for malware, security researchers at Kaspersky have found some particularly nasty problems with fake Windows 11 installers.

Kaspersky researchers have found a major security issue in the case of Windows 11 that the malicious payloads varied from adware serving at one end of the spectrum to password-stealers and Trojans at the other. There are several examples that tell us the same story. 

One user claimed that the particular installer was found to open what appeared to be a standard Windows installation wizard when in reality, it was only present to download another installer. When the second installer was clicked and installed it asked the user to accept the license agreement which was written with Windows Download Manager. It dropped a malware bomb on the system of the user which created lots of errors in the user’s system. 

The researchers stated that several hundred infection attempts that used similar Windows 11-related schemes have already been defeated by Kaspersky products. So, there is a message for the users to install the beta version of Windows 11 from an authentic and official source. I will advise you to wait for the official launching of the full Windows 11. 

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