Last updated on December 11th, 2021

WhatsApp Roll Out New Feature That Will Let Users Send Images into High Definition

A new feature announced by Whats App for iOS beta users that will let users send images into high definition, normal quality!

Imagine you clicked a superb photo whose beauty lies in the details of the picture and that ultimately depends upon its resolution i.e., its quality. However, sometimes if there’s a situation where we don’t have appropriate internet then our go-to service to share these golden moments with our near and dear ones is what is known as Whats App because it would automatically adjust the quality so as to consume as much as fewer data. The only downside of this was that if we have to share the pictures in the same quality we clicked them, you’d probably say that it could also be sent as a document. 

That is also a way but now a candid way is introduced by Whats App and with its help, the users will be able to directly send their photos from the gallery itself without having to hustle with finding the image and sending it as a document. 

Comes to iOS!

Around 17 July 2021 this feature was rolled out for Android Users and now iOS (only beta testers) users will also have a chance to try out this feature and have the best and improved sharing experience.

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How to enable this feature in iOS?

For the iOS beta testers of Whats App the option to switch between the given qualities will be present in the Whats App settings and then Storage and Media and then there would be a list element named “Media Upload Quality”, there you would find an interface as shown in the above image. And you can choose any image quality which suits you the best. 

Whats App releases new features like these once in a blue moon, and these are extremely accepted by the users all around the world, it’s the consistency of its simple UI and service that it is probably the most used messenger app in the world.