Last updated on December 11th, 2021

ExpressVPN Review – Features, Benefits, Price

ExpressVPN is a VPN administration offered by the British Virgin Islands based organization ExpressVPN International Ltd. It is esteemed for its protection and security features that engages clients successfully and oversees web traffic alongside masking their IP addresses. It is one of the top VPNs for windows and also the most expensive of all the VPN services but also provides features that justify the price. Overall, it provides all the benefits that one could ask for from a VPN.

It has an organization of over 3000+ servers in 90 nations. You can without much of a stretch break geo-confined content, transfer and switch over servers effectively through ExpressVPN. The no-log strategy, split burrowing, low ping highlights but overrated prices make ExpressVPN extraordinary for web based streaming and gaming.

Let’s take a quick tour over ExpressVPN complete review.


Wide reach servers: Up to 3000+ servers accessible in 94 nations

Most esteemed VPN: Has better usefulness and market esteems regarding security, usability, and all-round execution.

Breaks geoblocks: For clients who need to have the option of accessing Netflix, or other streaming services and their restricted content, ExpressVPN ends up being the top decision. It breaks a wide range of geoblocks and works fine even in strict nations like China.

Safe torrenting: With central protection from privacy friendly areas like the British Virgin islands, it permits limitless data transmission and P2P association with any worker. Torrenting is quick and secure through it.

No user data spills: ExpressVPN incorporates a successful off button better known as kill switch and is likewise known for extremely less number of leaks recognized from its servers.

Accessing Netflix, Prime Video: Access to practically the entirety of the UK and US Netflix libraries, and other 20+ HD real time features is accessible with ExpressVPN.

Many more benefits: With magnificent speed and data transmission, ad blockers , security and protection features, low pings and thus great for game streaming, Express VPN remains a top choice


It is infamous for being the most costly of all the VPN services out there yet additionally has some really stunning highlights to legitimize the value range. On the off chance that you pick the month to month plan with a 30 days unconditional promise, it costs around $ 12.95 each month. While for a half year plan, a client needs to pay $ 9.99 each month. These overly rated prices cause many to switch from ExpressVPN to its rival competitor NordVPN and is also one of its cons. You can check out their full comparison here.


Experienced VPN clients can’t adjust their settings close to as much as they can through different suppliers and this limited hold of Express VPN can be a deal killer at places. Also, many people argue that ExpressVPN prices are so high that is makes its features not justifiable and people shift to other VPN services.


The only reason not to go for ExpressVPN can be when your budget is too tight otherwise it offers an exciting range of facilities and user support and thus is definitely worth a try.

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