Last updated on December 11th, 2021

Best VPN for PUBG – Top 3 VPN

Looking for security concerns the Indian government on September second banned 118 Chinese apps including perhaps the most famous online smartphone game out there -the PUBG Mobile. As per the public authorities, the boycott has been done to stop the information assortment practices of these applications. PUBG Mobile has in excess of 33 millions players in India which makes it perhaps the most played web based games in the country.

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After the boycott, the game has been removed from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. But for the gaming enthusiasts out there, there is still a way out. To Play PUBG Mobile you need to utilize a VPN, which will permit you to encode your web traffic by steering it through the servers across different nations. VPN permits you to sidestep web obstructing and stop others from checking your online presence. Whenever you’re associated with a VPN, your IP address will change and you can change to any server according to your desire.

Got you excited? In this article, we will be reviewing the top three best VPNs out there for playing PUBG on your smartphones. So let’s get started –

  1. NordVPN

With a robust worldwide server network, impressive and fast speeds, P2P-friendly for torrenting and most importantly top-notch security measures NordVPN is a top VPN choice for PUBG. It works with high level encryption standards (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)) and keeps your real IP masked effectively to ensure a secure online experience. These strong security features, strict no-logging policy, and access to 5,000+ high-speed servers worldwide makes it worth your price. Also, you can have upto 6 accounts available under one account which are accessible and supported on different platforms.

Price – It has a monthly plan for $ 11.95 which can be considered expensive. Apart from that, they have a 2-year plan for $3.71 per month and a 1-year plan for 44.92 per month.

Servers that can break even the most rigorous firewall out thereThere can be some interface issues while using
A customizable kill switchServer switching can cause lag
Admirable support system and outstanding security 
Great bandwidth provided so good streaming experience 
  • Surfshark

Surfshark is a virtual private network expert association hosted in the British Virgin Islands. It has served 65 nations and offers awesome speed and bandwidth for very low prices. It has a stable organisation structure and security, obscurity, insurance rights, information security, breach detection, standard military evaluation encryption while additionally blocking web tackers and ads. The most interesting feature is that Surfshark provides unlimited device connections on a single account. All these features make it a very good option for playing and streaming online games.

Price – Surfshark outstands every other VPN when it comes to the no of features it offers for such a low price. It provides outstanding security & fast speed connections at just ₹173 per month in india.

Quick HD gaming and streamingSpeed can be slow at times
High end encryptionKill switch unreliable
Low budget – good quality VPN 
24/7 support 
  • ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is valued very much for its privacy and security tools that can manage web traffic along with masking user’s IP addresses. The better all-round performance, functionality security and ease of use makes it a popular choice among PUBG players on VPN. It has a network of over 3000+ servers in more than 90 countries all around the world. You can easily break geo-restricted content and stream and switch over services easily through ExpressVPN. The no-log policy, split tunneling features, low ping features will make it a good choice for PUBG users. The only issue it faces is that it is heavily overpriced as compared to its counterparts.  Apart from the price issue, ExpressVPN is great for online streaming and gaming.

Price – If you choose the monthly plan with a 30 days money-back guarantee, you will have to pay $ 12.95/month. For the 6 months plan, you will have to pay $ 9.99 per month.

Awesome speed and bandwidth offeredOverpriced
Robust security and privacy featuresLimited device to connection
Quality features across all servers 
Low ping for good PUBG stream