Posted on March 19th, 2022

Fix Windows 11 Error 0x800f0922

Worried About Windows 11 Error 0x800f0922? It Is Now Fixed!

As Windows has launched 10’s succeeder Windows 11 along with that the number of users is increasing gradually. This is something Windows should feel happy about but the users are not happy. Why? Let’s check this out. 

When we talk about shifting to Windows, we mean Windows 11 users are increasing but with that, an error with code 0x800f0922 is being faced by several users during the update process. Due to this error, the update process gets interrupted. 

Why this error is coming?

This type of error usually occurs when the update which is being sent to the user by Microsoft itself is faulty or some files in that update are corrupt. If we think of other reasons there are some system elements along with low disk space available in System Reverted Partition get disabled. Some VPN services also have the same problem with them. 

Well, till now there is no such full proof or stone written solution for this error but don’t need to feel sad about that. There are some ways through which you can solve the error. They are listed below.

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Check if the internet is working or not!

That’s common with several update processes. Whenever we try to update a system with the help of the internet and it gets off due to some reasons, many patches don’t get updated. The same problem is with Windows 10 update patch. Due to poor internet connection oftentimes auto-update fails. 

So, what we can do if this happens to us? Simply just turn on and off your router or any device providing you the internet. Always make sure you have a proper internet connection. 

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Run the Windows trouble-shooter to solve the issue!

Windows 10 or 11 comes up with windows trouble shooter built-in given by Microsoft. This trouble shooter can help with finding the updates related errors automatically. When we use the trouble shooter, it runs through the entire system to find out which utility is getting affected and by what. Once, the issue is found, it gets solved automatically. Though, it has some limitations. The trouble shooter only works if the issue is not complex to handle. 

Let’s see how we can run the trouble shooter:

  1. On keyboard press =>Windows + S.
  2. Now in the search bar, type=> troubleshoot.
  3. After that, hit => Enter.
  4. Move to the right pane of the appearing settings page.
  5. Click on=> Additional trouble shooters or other trouble shooters.
  6. In that list, Select => Windows update.
  7. Now, from the expanded tray, click on => Run the trouble shooter.
  8. If you are Windows 11 user then, click on => Run
  9. Now after the run, abide by on-screen instructions to start scanning.
  1. A window will open with a solution, click on=> Apply this fix.

Find a latest Net Framework and install it!
You might have heard of this solution. There is .Net framework in Windows 11 or 10 which is mostly disabled. This causes error 0x800f0922. Every update requires several .Net framework but since the framework is disabled it creates this error. Thus, make sure that your system has .Net framework enabled. Let’s see the steps.

  1. Look on the taskbar and click on search icon present on that.
  2. Now, type ‘Windows features’ in keyboard.
  3. After typing press Enter.
  4. A window will open. Click on the all the boxes related to .Net framework.
  5. Then, click on Ok. Now, the system will look for files that are required to install the feature.
  6. Once the process ends, reboot your PC.

There are more measures to resolve this error which we will see in the next section.