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NordVPN v/s ExpressVPN – Pricing, Speed, Security,

In case you’re looking after your best options at purchasing a VPN, there is a high probability you’ve posed to yourself the question of – which is better of ExpressVPN versus NordVPN?  Being the two of the main VPN servers available today, you’ve presumably been suggested both by different various sources. But don’t worry, to remove your confusion we’ll be looking at the two closely so that you can settle on an educated decision.

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NordVPN– It has a slightly expensive monthly plan for $ 11.95. Apart from that, it also offers a 2-year plan for $3.71 per month and a 1-year plan for 44.92 per month. Thus, it comes out to be a good deal considering all its robust features, support system and streaming quality.

ExpressVPN – It is the most expensive of all the VPN services out there but also has some pretty amazing features to justify the price range. If you choose the monthly plan with a 30 days money-back guarantee, it costs around $ 12.95 per month. While for the 6 months plan, a user has to pay $ 9.99 per month.


Both NordVPN and ExpressVPN are among the top suppliers when it comes to speed. NordVPN does offer some lead with a normal speed of 115 Mbps because of its expedient new NordLynx protocol while ExpressVPN adjusted at the average of 58 Mbps. This is still quick enough to transfer 4K video with no issues, yet you may battle if you are utilizing the web simultaneously from various devices.

On the off chance that you have connected to an ultrafast Internet, NordVPN could possibly push your maximum speed somewhat higher, yet for most users there will be no detectable contrast. When interfacing with remote servers the two VPNs progressed admirably, yet additionally encountered some sluggish issues from time to time.

However, ExpressVPN ends up being somewhat more dependable, faster and simply has its nose ahead in a footrace. It built its way in front the VPN speed league offering extraordinary rates and has been difficult to beat from that point onward.

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Security/ Privacy

Neither company is situated in a ‘Five Eyes’ country, so they are both free from security office strain to unveil the details of their clients’ online exercises or cooperate with US or UK court requests to follow a specific client.

NordVPN and ExpressVPN both carry great protection credentials. They guarantee to hinder DNS spills, and our tests upheld this. Nonetheless, ExpressVPN runs its own zero-information, 256-digit scrambled DNS on the entirety of its server.. NordVPN offers some fantastic highlights like Onion over VPN and a twofold VPN framework, however sadly the 2018 server hack actually leaves somewhat of an awful taste. It’s hard to isolate the two here, while NordVPN offers some additional safety features than ExpressVPN, but ExpressVPN has a spotless history.

As copyright violation is a criminal behavior, you need solid identity protection when you download. Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN are open about their help for torrenters, so you don’t need to be shy about your browsing history.

If we’re straightforward, these two VPNs are plausibly the two most secure services accessible today, so the choice will undoubtedly come down to what in particular you’re after from your VPN – will you really utilize highlights like Onion over VPN, or would you incline toward the genuine feelings of serenity Express’ faultless history gives?

Better for streaming and torrenting

A significant explanation many should seriously consider over getting a VPN is to get to geo-blocked real time features. If that is you, this is an important comparison in settling on your decision.

ExpressVPN unequivocally states which sites it can unblock for you – a striking move as these services are continually engaging to restrict VPN access. But, ExpressVPN backs these cases up, unblocking all of our tried Netflix servers, YouTube and the famously troublesome BBC iPlayer (more often than not).

NordVPN doesn’t explicitly claim to unblock a particular site on its landing pages, however it does say that it’ll give you access to ‘entertainment content’. That being said, it effectively unblocked each Netflix area we attempted, and YouTube as well.

Right off the bat, ExpressVPN is simply very easy to utilize – you should simply choose your area and interface. At that point basically head over to your preferred real time feature and get watching. Close by that, Express’ solid paces are incredible for streaming, and that implies that you’ll have the option to watch without buffering at whatever point you need, any place you are.

Significantly, however, while NordVPN has more individual servers, Express has areas in more than 30 a larger number of nations than NordVPN. That implies you’ll have a more prominent scope of viable workers to interface with, conceivably extending the scope of streaming substance that is accessible to you.

Though both NordVPN and ExpressVPN are good enough to stream most of the blocked content, we found ExpressVPN to be winning over. One of its standout highlights is its great abilities as a streaming VPN, as it offers the triple whammy of speed, security and superb worldwide coverage.

Better UI and support

The ExpressVPN application is small and keeps mobile-friendly proportions even when it is used on a PC or Mac. Everything is perfectly organized, with the settings and servers each having their own screen. We enjoyed that your most recently utilized server was effectively open from the principal page as well, since this saves the issue of attempting to recall, for example, which server had the option to unblock a specific Netflix library.

The NordVPN primary screen shows a guide of the world with a marker in every country where the organization offers servers. There’s additionally a rundown see on the left (or at the lower part of the screen on cell phones). The worker list isolates broadly useful servers from those intended for P2P traffic or Tor over VPN associations, so it’s in every case simple to discover precisely what you need.

ExpressVPN is not difficult to explore. Interface settles on it an able decision for rookies simply finding out about VPNs, and its multiplatform similarity extends its worth to a wide base of customers.

Indeed, even experts can experience issues with VPNs – there’s a great deal to turn out badly – so having a viable help service can mean the distinction between tackling an issue in minutes and never using the application again.

ExpressVPN’s rundown of investigating guides is long and simple to explore. There’s next to no language and it will end up being valuable to even the greenest VPN client.

In spite of the fact that NordVPN has a long list of  assisting articles, it’s not nearly as easy to work with. But, once you find what you’re searching for, the info is nicely presented and valuable.

The two services support email and live talk help, and both function admirably – in spite of the fact that in the event that we needed to pick, ExpressVPN’s live visit was most likely reachable. Accessible seven days per week, 24 hours per day, there’s consistently someone accessible to assist in case you’re battling.

Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN are industry pioneers in client service.In normal visits to both chat systems, ExpressVPN can be considered faster to interface.

Overall best

The final verdict remains in the hands of the users and his/her requirement. While the ExpressVPN provides an amazing VPN service with all important features considered, NordVPN might be considered it’s cheaper alternative. When making up your mind, be sure to consider all the factors associated with having a good VPN service and then make an educated decision.

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