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Wix Website Builder Review – Features, Pricing and Ease of Use

Wix is amongst the top website builders out there that strikes a perfect balance between features and price. With more than 100 Million users and a host of intuitive features, Wix stands ahead in the race of the best website builders. Want to see if the software is worth the hype or just a gimmick. Here is our detailed review on Wix – one of a serious contender amongst the top website builders.

Wix website builder was launched in the year 2006 with an aim to provide a simplified way to create websites. The users need not have knowledge of coding or any technical aspect to create a website that fulfills their needs. Moreover, it runs in your browser; which means you don’t have to install any software. A user trying to build a website using Wix just need to create an account, select a template from a wide variety and start playing with the design and content. Today, Wix is the biggest player in website builder arena and hosts a whopping 110 million plus websites till date.  

Features of Wix

Based on the drag and drop mechanism, Wix offers a host of free and paid features for almost every user. The features include basic and advanced operations like SEO, payment gateways, contact managers, professional looking templates, Wix has a tool for just about everything to fulfill your needs. Let us have a look at what sorts of features does Wix provide.

Highly Advanced Editor

Loaded with over 500 design-made templates and advanced design features, Wix offers complete design freedom to the users. Wix is based on innovative drag and drop mechanism that helps the users to build and develop a website as per his choice. You also get access to over 100 pre-installed fonts and the ability to upload your own fonts and media to make the website more personalized.  

Mobile Optimized Websites

With the use of advanced technology and AI, websites built on Wix looks amazing on any device you use. The Artificial Design Intelligence provides a simplified version of the site on mobile with all the essential features.

SEO Friendly

Wix offers an advanced SEO tool which includes extensive off-page and on-page assessment. The SEO tool of Wix ensures your website and its pages get crawled and indexed at an appropriate time. This could be a great opportunity to keep the site rank on top.

Website Analytics and Social Tools

Wix offers highly informative reports based on user visits, links clicked and several other factors for detailed web insights. With the help of analytics, you can easily track the performance and stats of the website.

Wix also provides Social tools and a live chat option to help the users connect to their customers. It allows you to connect all your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. with your website for seamless integration.

Pricing of Wix

Wix is free if you don’t want a custom domain. If you want to make it more customized and add a personal touch, here are the plans Wix offers to serve the customers.

Connect Domain | Price – $9 Per Month

It is the most basic and least expensive plan which you can buy just want to create your online presence with no advanced features on the board. Connect Domain plan offers 1GB bandwidth coupled with 500MB of storage. One important thing to keep in mind, with this plan Wix brand ads will be displayed on your website.  

Combo Plan | Price – $14 Per Month

Combo Plan is the best plan that Wix offers for personal use. The plan strikes a balance between a basic set of features and reasonable pricing. You can enjoy 2GB bandwidth coupled with sufficient 3GB storage. The plan offers premium support with customized favicon. You can also get rid of Wix brand ads and enjoy your cool website.

Unlimited Plan | Price – $20 Per Month

An ideal plan for entrepreneurs and freelancers, the Unlimited plan offers unlimited bandwidth and a whopping 10GB storage. These are the only differences between this and the Combo Plan. Apart from the above, all facilities offered in the latter plan are same.

ECommerce Plan | Price – $26 Per Month

ECommerce plan is the best and the most feature-rich plan offered by Wix (for which the website builder is famous for). The plan serves all the remarkable offers to the users which means it is the most expensive as well. The users opting this plan can enjoy unlimited bandwidth with a whopping 20GB of storage. Apart from all the features, you can also access the loaded online store of Wix.

Ease of Use

Wix is amongst the most practical website builder out there with no fuss and complexities. It is an extremely easy way to build a website that fulfill your needs. The amazing array of design templates, intuitive user interface powered with ADI completes the bundle.

When you start building your website, you just need to choose a template as per your liking and start using the drag and drop builder for the rest. You can add buttons, elements, graphics, videos, boxes, etc. to customize the website. Adding texts and images with editing is easy in the editor. Moreover, Wix also uses aligning feature to fix the elements at an equal distance, so you don’t have to track everything.

Overall, the Wix website builder earns high points in ease of use. It offers a host of benefits without slowing down.

Customer Support

Wix help center is the answer to every question that arises related to building the website. The help center checks a long list of topics that can help you using the software. From topics like how to begin using the technically advanced, you can find detailed content which can solve most of your queries about the software. Apart from the tutorials, you can also find trending articles which explain the features of Wix in an interesting way.  

If the help center cannot solve your persistent problem, you can always reach out for the one-to-one customer support over call or email. Although the quality of support is good and they really care about your concerns. They properly respond to your emails and calls. In the majority of cases, the tutorials, FAQs, and articles can help you through your problems.  

Our Verdict: The Best Part

We have thoroughly assessed the website builder and really liked everything it has to offer in the platter. The most highlighting part of Wix is its suitability for E-commerce websites. It offers easy integration with payment gateways and website monetization features. So, the users who want to develop a website to sell their products, Wix is one of the best options you can consider.

Should You Use It?

Definitely yes! Wix is an impressive website builder designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to mark their presence online. The software is ideal for the users who need an online store for selling goods.

If you are looking for a website builder that offers easy to use the editor and all the set of features at affordable prices, you should certainly go for Wix. It’s a great allrounder platform with a reasonable price tag.

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