Posted on September 18th, 2021

iPhone 13 Series Launch in India, Price, Specifications, and Camera Placement!

Know All About iPhone 13 series launch in India, Price, Specifications, and Camera Placement!

Out there are many smartphone companies and we all know that it is a hard competition amongst the tech giants to be able to get to the most of the common people. All of them need advertising but some are just promising the performance of their devices that the users firmly choose that specific device above any other alternative. Apple is the kind of company we are talking about. Now, iPhone 13 is going to launch in India, let’s do a brief introduction of the new member in the iPhone legacy. 

Launch Date

iPhone 13 series is all set to receive pre-orders from 5:30 pm, 17th September till the 24th of September 2021 in India. Along with India, there are about 37 more countries like the US, UK, China, and Australia, who are expecting an exciting launch of this series. The availability of these variants in retail markets will be on the 24th of September 2021, until then these phones will have an offer on them if one buys them on the pre-order. 

This iPhone 13 series has 4 iPhones, first- iPhone 13 Mini whose price is INR 69,900, second iPhone 13 which is set to be sold for just INR 10,000 more, INR 79,900, third- iPhone Pro at INR 1,19,900, and last but not the least iPhone Pro Max all set to rock the markets at INR 1,29,900.

iPhone 13 has a storage starting from 128 GB and going to 256 GB and 512 GB too. 

New Features 

Apple claims that iPhone 13 outruns the current android smartphones in performance by 50% and has an enhanced battery life with 1.5 extra hours. The other but most important thing which the makers took care of is the notch is somewhat 20% smaller than the current version, iPhone 12, which will, in turn, make it easy for some more icons to appear on the top. 

This new series is new in so many ways that it has pristine options of colors like Midnight, Pink, Product RED, and Blue. 

The most discussed thing about this series is the position of cameras which is, yes, diagonal. Both of the cameras are 12MP cameras, one has wide resolution with an f/1.6 lens and the other has an Ultra-wide field-view with f/2.4 aperture. The cameras of the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone have also inherited from the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s ones the property of sensor-shift stabilization that would automatically reduce the vibrations when recording by moving themselves at wide angles and hence result in a better and stable video experience.

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