Last updated on December 11th, 2021

Nord VPN to run innately on MacBook with Apple M1 Chips

Nord VPN to run innately on MacBook with Apple’s M1 Chips! Hurry and download the latest version

Apple is one of the leading Tech Giants companies and everyone knows the kind of electronic products are made by Apple are super-trustable and always one step ahead in any scenario. Speaking of which Apple decided to release its own processor which is built amazingly, awesomely on 5nm Architecture and has super cool functionalities, especially for machine learning, and artificial intelligence (neural engine) also. To sum up it all in one line we can say that Apple has built a fully-optimized computer. 

Now, to enable the users with one of the most common services nowadays, VPN is also a task being carried by various companies. 

Matching the Standards!

Renowned VPN service provider Nord VPN has recently announced the latest version of Nord VPN 6.6.1 which runs natively on any MacBook with M1 chips and obviously on the ones without M1 too like Intel or AMD.

Just like Apple’s new chip promises a never-before-experienced experience, the Nord VPN has also made some updates in their latest version to make it run natively on M1 chips, meaning that they have redesigned the App solely to be able to run on M1 chips. It indicates that the performance of the new app along with the MacBook will be phenomenal. 

You can download Nord VPN 6.6.1 from the App Store or the official site of Nord VPN, 

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If the Apps are not natively made for the M1 Architecture, then for that Apple has made a software called Rosetta 2 which converts any Intel app to M1 chip MacBook, and then, boom… the apps can run on M1 but there’s a compromise in the performance whatsoever because the converted apps can’t run as better as the native ones. If we download some app then we have to also check the processor of the system too and then accordingly select the version of the app.

But Nord VPN’s 6.6.1 latest version is platform-independent or universal for macOS, which means that the users don’t have to care about selecting the processor and architecture, they just need to download the app and install it like a regular installation. 

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Also, the users who don’t have an M1 chip don’t have to worry whether this latest version would run on their Macs or not because that is not so. It will run on Macs with any processor, but the specialty of this version is that it is made to run natively on the M1 chip too.

The new version also has Multi-Factor Authentication and some bug improvements. 

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