Last updated on December 11th, 2021

Google One VPN adds seven more countries to its list

Google One VPN adds seven more countries to its list that will be able to use it from now onwards!

Google is a tech giant whose services are embedded in our phones, laptops, computers, we all use daily Google Assistant, Search, YouTube, Chrome, and no wonder we have become eventually habitual of each of these services, but few of us would be aware of the fact that Google also has its VPN service and it has decided to make it accessible to 7 more countries (worked only in the United States yet), in North America and Europe.

Here they are!

The countries that will experience this benefit are Germany, Spain, Canada, Italy, Mexico, France, and United Kingdom. This expansion aims to benefit as many people who want to give the Google One VPN a try. The monthly subscription plan of this service is $9.9 and its yearly plan is $99. But a must to avail this service is the users possessing a Google One Cloud subscription which includes at least 2 TB storage, only then they can enjoy it. 

Need some improvements!

But wait… The Google One VPN has some limitations like, for now, the enlisted countries are the only regions where the VPN is supposed to work, if you ever are outside from any of these countries, Oops! You can’t use it. But who knows when Google decides to extend Google One VPN worldwide? 

Another thing is that the true essence of a Virtual Private Network is that it let us stream or surf any content virtually no matter if we are physically present at that location or not. But Google One VPN users can’t do this. Instead of being assigned an IP from the Geographic location from where we want to stream the content, it will assign an IP address in accordance to your current country, so that you can be shown the suitable and right content for your region by the websites.

Also, the Google One VPN is only limited to Android Phones, sooner it will be on iPhone too.

On top of that, Google has also claimed that it won’t track your particular city location from which you are accessing the content.