Last updated on December 11th, 2021

Rollback To Windows 10 From Windows 11? Here Is The Way!

           You Have To Rollback To Windows 10 From Windows 11? Here Is The Way!

As Microsoft has launched the beta version of its upcoming Windows 11 many people are switching to the beta OS of the latest windows to experience what’s new. Since it is a trial version s it is obvious that it has a lot of bugs in it. So, maybe after installing the new version, you might feel to get back to the old one is windows 10. In another case, you might not like the new UI and its element and feel comfortable with the old one. In any case, here is the way to roll back to Windows 10 again.

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Well, there is a condition. You must have installed Windows 11 within 10 days. If the time limit is crossed it becomes impossible to roll back as Windows likes to purge the old OS files. So, let’s assume we are in our initial 10 days. Let’s find out the ways to roll back.

Uninstall Windows 11

Move to settings, then go to System and then choose Recovery from the submenus. You will find the settings in the start menu. 

Now, after clicking on Recovery a window will open. From the options available click on Go back right in front of the Previous Version of Windows.

After clicking on Go back a small window will appear containing questions asking the reason for going back. There will be a list of options. Check off one or more options for your uninstall when prompted.

Now again a small window will appear. Click on the No thanks option given at the lower right corner to say no to Microsoft’s update. The company wants you to stay on Windows thus it asks you to check for updates.

Click Next on the window appear.

Microsoft will come up with a warning that you need to remember your password which you set for Windows 10. Click on next again.

A new window will appear. Click on ‘Go back to earlier Build’.

After clicking on it. The system will automatically go on restart mode and then will go through a restoration phase. This will take some minutes.

When the system starts it will open up with Windows 10. However, in most cases, we have seen that Microsoft often tries to install the latest windows and in this case, Windows 11 will get installed and you don’t want that. Go to settings again, then choose Update and Security. After that choose the Windows insider program. There will be a toggle to turn on ‘stop getting preview builds’. On it.

Now, Windows needs to get restart after this step. There will be an option when you scroll up in the Windows Insider Program. Click on Restart Now.

Now if you want to check if you are enrolled back in windows 10 or not. Again go to Settings, then go to Update and Security and then go to Windows Insider Program. Click on Get started.

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