Last updated on December 11th, 2021

Sync and Connect iOS Phone to Windows 11 PC

Learn How to sync and connect your iOS phone to your PC with Windows 11

One out of every three persons who work daily with computers tend to happen a multi-tasker and whilst doing their work only thing they want to do would be distractions like mobile phone messages, notifications, et cetera. Sometimes, the pings are also important so, in order to get the flow of work going on developers had created so many apps which let you connect your phone with your PC and allow you to manage your device with only your computer. Like already you have a mouse and keyboard underneath your hands, it would be wonderful if you just can control your phone using those too!

How to get it done!

For Windows 11 there’s an app named Dell Mobile Connect which enables us to connect our phone with our PC and lets us take care of all our mobile apps with a feature called screen mirroring.

To be able to use this app we have to do some preparations first.

Follow this link and download the Dell Mobile Connect Driver. And like any other regular installation, get them installed on your machine.

Now, go to the Microsoft Store, like there’s no physical one 😂, navigate to it from the start menu and open it and search for Dell Mobile Connect.

This app is distributed by Dell but don’t worry it will work on other company’s laptop or PC.

If there’s an error like “This app is not compatible with your device”.

We will solve it too, otherwise, you can directly install the app and skip these steps.

Open the “Run” menu by pressing Windows Key with “R”, now type regedit and press enter.

Now in the address bar, copy and paste the following text – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Store

You should see something like shown above and there would be a value named StoreContentModifier, right-click on it and choose “Modify”. And in the value section enter “Dell_Xps”.

Now open run again and type “Wsreset.exe”, this will reset your Microsoft Store and then restart your PC.

Now you’re good to go to download the app. Install it. Once the app is installed click on “Get Started” and pick your phone Android or iPhone. After that, you will need to install the Dell Mobile Connect app on your android or iPhone too and then there you would be given an encryption code when you click on Pair with a PC.

You should be on the same Wi-Fi network and Voila! you have successfully synced your iPhone to your PC. Enjoy!

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