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Top Five Free Time Tracking Software

                            Top Five Time Tracking Software You Need To Know!

This is well said that “Time and Tide waits for none”. The time which has gone will never come back and thus it teaches us to make proper use of time. If you are working on a project then time management can help in better results which is proven. If you want to make organized use of time and are looking to increase your productivity then some software can help you with that.

These software track your time and make this job easier, allowing an individual to focus on his activity at one hand while automatically tracking your hours and progress at the another. In this article we will be talking about five such software you can use:


It is an business based management platform which helps in accounting and manging the time up-to-standard time. You just need to add your tasks and the app will automatically start keeping track of your work which in the end makes the run time faster and simpler.

As a user, you just need to log in into the software. Above that, you can also track the time of the whole team. The app gives you feature to check time of each team member.

Key Features:

  • Allows collaboration
  • Offeres Web storage
  • Provides expanses handling
  • Can create invoices
  • Easy to use interface

Time Doctor

If you are looking for an interacting dashboard based time tracker then Time Doctor is for you. It helps in boosting the productivity and decreasing the time usage. This application allows a user to keep track of time of the team members so as a leader you can easily see how many hours the team members worked in total.

The software helps in oraganizing the projects in terms of time usage. It makes the client-worker relation good by minimizing the time and thus makes the billing easier.

Key Features:

  • Keeps track of network usage
  • Keeps track of most used application
  • Supports screen monitoring
  • Supports GPS tracking
  • Real time productivity analysis

Hubstaff time tracking

If you are running a company and want a time tracking software which keeps the track of the project going Hubstaff is a perfect choice for you. The application has an activity view that allows leader to see on which task the team is currently working on.

The software has a special payment feature which allows to differentiate between the paid and unpaid hours of the workers.

Key Features:

  • Supports GPS tracking
  • Supports Screenshots 3 per every 10 minutes
  • Allows to create user roles
  • Has automatci payroll
  • Can seprate client and project budgets


Another time tracking software is DeskTime. Same as the above software, this app helps in increasing the productivity and decreasing the time complexity. But what makes it different from the other software?

This app has a special feature where you can check up on your bad practices which results in decreasing the productivity. You can correct your bad practices. This software has a special feature which automatcially sends email reports daily which helps in examing the worker’s performance.

Key Features:

  • Can open other applications and URLs
  • Can track time of an individual project
  • Supporst detailed reports
  • Has browser exatension for chrome and firefox
  • Integrates and tracks time spent on other productivity apps such as MS Teams or Microsoft To Do

Rescue Time

If you want a light weight and easy to use time tracking software the Rescue Time is perfect for you. Just like other software, it helps in managing tasks and optimizing the time. This app has a feature of notifying the user that the work or task has taken more time than the assigned time.

As a user one can set alarms or notification tunes as per your interests. This software also warns you if you are spending too much time on social media.

Key Features:

  • Can block websites or apps
  • Alerts when user gets distracted
  • Allows to create sessions
  • How to use guide available
  • Can also track offline activities

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