Last updated on December 11th, 2021

Open File Explorer in Windows 11

As we all know Microsoft is all set to roll over its new operating system and they named it windows 11 and with this Windows, they have introduced new features as well sometimes it’s tricky to know the shortcuts and one of the most common things to open in an operating system is File Explorer and to open it there are few methods.

The easiest shortcut to open File Explorer in Windows 11 is to press the Windows key and the “E” key together after this Windows will show the pop-up of File Explorer and this shortcut also works in Windows 10 and earlier as well.

Right-click Start or press Windows +x

To open File Explorer in Windows 11 using taskbar is quite easy as shortcuts and to open it we just have to right-click the start button in taskbar or press windows + x on our keyboard and it will show us a hidden “power user” menu then select “File Explorer” from the list and it will open the File Explorer.

Search The Start Menu

We can open the File Explorer using the Start menu and to open it we just have to click the start button on the taskbar and then search for File Explorer and it shows the results with the icon and we can click on the icon and it opens the File Explorer.

Using Command Prompt or Run Box

We can also open File Explorer using the command prompt. To do so just open the command prompt and then type “explorer.exe” or just “explorer” and hit enter it open the File Explorer in our “This PC “  location. It works the same on the run box. We have to type “explore.exe”.

Add a Special Start Menu Shortcut

In Windows 11 we can add a special shortcut to file explorer as it resides in our start menu and to create the shortcut open the Windows settings or press windows + I and it navigates us to Personalization > Start > Folders and on the folders screen click on the key of “File Explorer”.


This is all explained about how to open file explorer in windows 11. Also see how to change sound in windows 11

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