Last updated on December 11th, 2021

Microsoft Is Modernizing The System Alert Design In Windows 11. Let’s Check Out!

With the arrival of Windows 11. Microsoft is looking to bring some more changes to the system. One such change is that Microsoft is finally planning to modernize the system alert design in the new windows. For those who don’t what a system alert is, let me explain. These system alerts usually are displayed on the screen when something happens unexpectedly and requires immediate action from the user. 

For an instance, in Windows 10, this feature helps you to save your data from getting lost when your device is about to run out of power. It helps in avoiding the risk of running out of data as well. The UI of that alert window is designed in Windows 8-era metro style. But now, Microsoft is updating the design with WinUI control. 

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Microsoft is basically changing the interface of the alert messages. The change will be reflected in alert messages like alerts of low battery. Additionally, a new alert dialog will be used whenever the user will change his display settings. Well, the full work hasn’t been done yet. The company is slowly working on the replacement of the old Windows 8-era metro with the new modern interface and WinUI alternatives. 

Now, you must be thinking that what does it mean to slowly and work hasn’t been done yet. Let me clear your doubts. There are some alert message alerts that are still the same. For example, the dialogue box which lets us rename the PC name is still based on Windows 8-era metro design. Though the company has promised that it will update all the alert messages and dialogue boxes in the upcoming builds.

In the latest preview update of Windows 11, Microsoft has restored the power mode option in the settings app. By default, the mode will be set on balanced. Users can switch the mode to best power efficiency or best performance according to their needs.  

Microsoft Has Brought Back ‘Refresh’ Option!

In another such update, Microsoft has brought back the refresh option in the context menu. Previously, the company had removed it from the menu but now in the new build, Windows 11 Build 22000.65. Earlier if we need to access this feature we need to go to ‘Show more option’s so that we can access the old version of our context menu.

The new build has now brought the refresh option on the main modern context menu. Though users can still use F5 on the keyboard to refresh. This shortcut is not that useful when we use the mouse.

There is another big change from Microsoft. The company has added a new search bar in the start menu. Well, the new search bar will work as a shortcut to the existing search in the Windows Search. It is not able to show the results of searches within the start menu. Well, it is taken as an additional change that might get reflected in the upcoming versions. For now, it works as a shortcut.

Additionally, as part of the latest changes to the Start Menu, Microsoft has disabled the hack that allowed users to restore Windows 10 Start Menu.

In addition to these quality improvements, Microsoft has also fixed tons of issues with the taskbar, Start Menu, and other apps.

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